Sadhvika’s Leeds International Summer School Experience


Tell us about yourself!

I’m Sadhvika Chandrasekar, from Coimbatore, India. I’m a sophomore at the PSG College of technology. I’m doing my Bachelors of Engineering in Biotechnology. But honestly, my real passion is writing. I love baking and am a complete foodie. I also love Zumba, running and climbing. In fact, I climbed for the first time ever during LISS!! My favourite kinds of music are Country and Heavy Metal.


You studied abroad at the University of Leeds in July as part of Leeds International Summer School (LISS). What made you choose LISS and the modules you studied?

While I was looking for something fun to do this summer, LISS immediately caught my eye since it was the perfect opportunity for me to study abroad while simultaneously exploring new cultures. Visiting Britain had been on my bucket-list for as long as I can remember.

I chose to study Sport in the UK and Entrepreneurship. Always a bit of a fitness freak and health nut, I was excited to study more on Health and fitness, eating right and also learn to climb!

I also wanted to study Entrepreneurship as an opportunity to broaden my horizons and I thought this was a great way to enhance creative thinking, be innovative and learn something I couldn’t normally learn back home. I think LISS was the only place where I would get a chance to study Sport and Health along with Entrepreneurship both so vastly different from each other and from my current field of education.


What were the best bits of studying in Leeds this past summer?

Where do I start? There is so much to choose from. I loved everything about Leeds, the beautiful little city that I fell in love with in no time and I miss so much, the amazing University, the fantastic social assistants, the fun weekend trip to quaint little Whitby, karaoke night where talents were uncovered, the bittersweet final weekend in London and the people! I met some of the most wonderful people during LISS who are the reason my time at Leeds was so amazing.

What will you take from your LISS experience back to your home institution?

My LISS experience has taught me so much. I learnt how to manage living by myself in a brand new city with brand new people. I learnt how to really open up to people in a really short time. I learnt how to deal with unexpected weather and how to buy groceries and cook for myself. LISS taught me that a little confidence, courage and the willingness to try something new will help make some of the best memories. Since LISS, I’ve also been bitten by the travel bug and I’ve been dying to just pack my bags and take off on my own.

What have you been up to since leaving Leeds?

I came back home to my Sophomore year which had already begun while I was having the time of my life at Leeds. I was dismayed with the amount of work I had to catch up on. I have since, caught up with all my studying (not really), joined the E-club or Entrepreneurs Club here at Uni, inspired by the Entrepreneurship module I took at LISS. In an attempt to nurture my writing skills, I’ve been helping out with the college magazine and just recently submitted an article on the “LISS experience” which is to be published this month! I’ve begun volunteering, teaching and will start my internship at a hospital lab this week. I have also been really involved in the study abroad office back home, because I want to help other students experience what I did. All in all, I’ve been too busy to even breathe but there’s not one day where I don’t miss LISS or my new friends.


For students considering summer study abroad at the University of Leeds what advice would you give them?

I would like to tell them what I’ve been telling every single person who’s approached me in the last three months, asking about LISS. If you are considering summer study abroad, you should go to the University of Leeds. I guarantee you will have the best four weeks of your life and leave with a ton of experiences, memories, photographs and friends who are family now. Just be prepared to face really unexpected weather, sleepless nights (because you just don’t want to waste your time sleeping) and also be prepared to feel like a part of you is missing the second you leave Leeds.

by Sadhvika Chandrasekar – PSG College of Technology – India


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