Vanessa’s Best Moments


I officially have four days left in the adorable Leeds that has captured my heart, and this is both daunting and bitter sweet. I have learned more about myself, about the world and about life itself in these 3 months than I could ever express with words.

I have become a more caring, independent, protective and wise person. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. In my opinion, if someone wants to grow up as a person and learn more about the world, they need to study abroad. I have had so many wonderfully crazy and mind blowing experiences here that is really hard to enumerate my best moments so far. I could try and spend a few hours writing them down but to be honest, I’d rather summarise this possible list to two main things: people and trips.

The people you meet in your Erasmus experience are and will always be the best part of it and fortunately, I can say I’ve met some really amazing people here. The truth is I’ve met people from all over the world and I know (or at least, I want to believe) that some of them will remain in my life for a long time despite the distance. Not everybody is going to be your friend and you have to be open-minded because you will deal with lots of different cultures, but you’ll find your place and you’ll fit in.

Don’t hold back because thanks to the people you meet, you could really enjoy trips around the country while you’re studying abroad. That was exactly what happened to me. I went on some incredible trips with my group of friends and we had some really crazy moments and memories to remember forever!

I know this may sound vague but my study abroad experience was better than I could ever have imagined mostly thanks to all the people I met and the trips I went on. All the rest derives from this! Every single day, Leeds brought me some unforgettable moments and I don’t want to have to choose my favourite. It’s safe to say that a piece of my heart will forever remain in Leeds and I will come back for sure.

by Vanessa Lourenço – University of Lisbon – Portugal


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