Claire’s Preparation for Leeds


Whilst my adventure at Leeds University is yet to begin, my journey started months ago when I first decided that Leeds was the place for me.

I would browse the lists of universities on offer for hours, trying to decide what it was I was looking for in an exchange university. Great social aspects? Location? Academic status? Accommodation standard? But I eventually realised it was all of the above. I wanted to get the best of everything, make the most of my experience, and make those amazing memories that everyone says we will hold onto forever.

I guess, in hindsight, deciding on Leeds University was the easy part, because the next stages were more than just daunting.

Selecting modules

I am a big believer that you are the maker of your destiny. That choice and decision making is the universe allowing us to pave our own path, but sometimes too many choices can send you into a spin. When selecting the modules, you wish to take at Leeds University there will be a lot of unfamiliar topics and confusing assessment types but my best advice is that this journey is meant to be terrifyingly different from your everyday life, so if your decisions don’t scare you, you’re probably choosing the easy option.


I thought I’d try to work out how much money I needed to save before coming to Leeds by Googling Tesco’s to get an estimated grocery bill, as food will be my biggest weekly cost.

Point #1: This process takes a long time when you have to convert pounds to Australian dollar every time you view an item

Point #2: What is a hobnob, and why am I eating it?


So, after this experience I just decided to save as much as possible, and if worse comes to worst, I’ll just eat porridge for 3 meals a day.


To cook or not to cook… that is the question.

Personally I could not believe the variety of accommodation available through Leeds University, not to mention the standard. I was expecting student accommodation to be dull, white, boxlike rooms with dodgy shared bathroom facilities, an old kitchen and a few beer stained couches but I am happy to report this is not the case in Leeds. I eventually put Central Village down as my first preference for accommodation due its modern interior, close proximity to campus and en-suite facilities. I am so excited to find out where I will be living!!

Leaving home

I am yet to leave, but the thought is almost too scary. I am imagining the farewell at the airport will consist of tears, hugs, repeated lectures on safety, directions about when I am to contact my parents and more tears. Whilst I dread the day I leave, I can’t wait till the day I arrive in Leeds to embark on this unique experience.

by Claire Boughey – Queensland University of Technology – Australia


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