Georgia’s Preparation for Leeds

georgia-mylerHey! My name is Georgia and I reside in the lesser known seventh wonder of Australia, Brisbane, Queensland. In regards to who I am, I have a few phrases that pretty much sum me up. I would call myself a connoisseur of foods, an appreciator of all things Disney and an adventurer in the making. The last part is probably the most important, as it was what inspired me to take the almighty leap that is studying abroad.

Fortunately for me, I have made the choice to study at the University of Leeds for my semester abroad in my final year of study. When choosing a location to study abroad, heaps of factors came into play. Things such as location, price and your own sociable needs suddenly became elements to consider, and important ones at that.

What really made Leeds stand out to me when scrolling through the seemingly endless possibilities; was its atmosphere and overall university spirit (cheesy, I know). When I was first thinking about going abroad, I was overcome by fear of the possibility being an ‘outsider’ and being alone in a country I had never been to. My fears quickly disappeared as I was immediately drawn in by the outstanding student community Leeds had offer – from the variety of student clubs to the amazing student union; I have a good feeling knowing that creating my own little community will be no issue whatsoever.

After getting over the initial “OMG I’m going to the UK” phase, I found myself attempting to plan for 6 months of my life abroad in only 3 weeks. My first call of action – accommodation.  Where do I begin…? Accommodation for me was probably the most stressful aspect; seeing as I have never lived out of home before. Lucky for me, Leeds offered a variety of on campus accommodation that you can easily use accommodate to your own needs. In regards to catered or self-catered, the choice is yours. Personally, I chose catered as I am quite lazy and would revel in the option of my food being cooked for me the majority of the time. But, ultimately the choice is yours – which is what I love about Leeds.

As I think towards the future, a variety of emotions swirl around me. I am excited, yet nervous at the same time, to undertake the journey of a lifetime. I’m excited to look back at this article once I am in Leeds and compare it to own experiences. Needless to say, January cannot come fast enough!

by Georgia Myler – Queensland University of Technology – Australia


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