Dalal’s Preparation for Leeds

dalal-haciyIt´s now little more than a month to go before I leave Sweden for a semester in Leeds. It´s nerve-racking and at the same time exciting that the journey that I have prepared for more than a year finally will take place soon!

Knowing that I had the opportunity to study abroad in my final year of study, I knew I had to study somewhere I could speak English so that I could develop and be more confident in my speaking. I quickly narrowed it to Great Britain since I didn’t have the courage to study somewhere far away like America or Australia. After reading a lot of letters from former students who had studied in Great Britain I decided to choose Leeds. The former students who have been studying in Leeds University spoke greatly about the time there. And after reading these letters I knew that I also wanted to have the time of my life as they have had.

I study at Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden. Since I live in the nearby village I still live at home to avoid having to take student loan. I am nervous to leave home, but at the same time I think its time for me to get away from home, have some responsibility and take care of my self (I´m 24 years old…). Lets just say I need to come out of my comfort zone and live a bit. Obviously I will miss my friends and especially my family, but the excitement to move to Leeds is greater (at the moment).

The preparations for Leeds have been stressful. Especially the parts where you have to wait for a response. The Module enrolment is checked. The application for accommodation is done but the response won´t come until January. I will book flight tickets as soon as I know when I have access to my accommodation. I don’t know about you, but I need my own bathroom! And the standard was pretty important when I chose accommodation. That’s why my first pick was a suite at central village. Lets cross our fingers that I will get it!

Even though I live in Sweden I haven’t travelled a lot in Europe as a tourist. That’s something I plan to do during my time in Leeds. Of course Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland are my top priorities but hopefully I will find some other students who are eager to travel around Europe during weekends and the spring break😉 I am also excited to meet all the new people who I hope will make the experience amazing.

by Dalal Haciy – Lund University School of Economics and Management – Sweden


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