Zahra’s Preparation for Leeds


Ever met a person who is looking for any reason to travel? I’m that girl, who always has her backpack ready for any adventure- whether it is within my country or outside. And going on exchange is one such adventure, in fact- a big adventure!

When I was applying to different universities for my undergraduate degree, England was one place that was very far down on the list.

The cold weather and the distance away from home were some of the reasons that pushed in further down. You can’t blame me, Kenya is a country that has beautiful weather throughout the year!

My first home is Kenya zahra-didarali-1and within my first few months at Rhodes University, South Africa become home too. Rhodes University offers a number of destinations for exchange programs, such as Germany, Botswana, England and Canada to name a few. For my BSc course, England, Canada and the USA were my top choices, and Leeds University was among the top universities for my course. Hence my resolve to choose a university that is well known and credible.

As for the cold weather and distance away from home, I can’t deny the nerves that run down my spine every time I think of settling down into a new place; making new friends, learning how to get around places, getting used to the cold, food, the list is endless!

More than nervous however, I’m excited to see what Leeds has in store of me. I believe that everything I have ever wanted is one step outside of my comfort zone; and studying in England is definitely one faaaaar step. With a positive attitude and zest for learning, I want Leeds and life in general to continue to surprise me. I look forward to having a good time in England, meeting new people, making new friends, learning about different cultures, travelling and experiencing personal growth.

I hope that I can be a good ambassador for both Kenya and South Africa. Lastly, I will give my very best, work hard and put my heart into everything that I do.

by Zahra Didarali – Rhodes University – South Africa


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