Alina’s Preparation for Leeds

alina-aiesha-khanHi! My name is Alina. I am an exchange student coming from Denmark and I have huge passion for health science.

Since the first participation of an international café in Denmark, I have had in mind that study abroad was something that I really wanted to do. I have also visited England a few times and I was convinced that University of Leeds was the best choice, due to the university’s long history and international recognition.

When my application was accepted and I was approved to be an exchange student at University of Leeds – then I felt like an adventure was starting from that day. I even saw it as a motivation to have proven to myself that I really can study in another country and to challenge myself linguistically, culturally, and professionally.

However, the exchange is not something you just prepare in one day. There are many preparations and to be brutally honest, there are times when you stop to think whether it is really worth it; all the things that needs to be prepared must of course be done in parallel with your current compulsory education and therefore the preparations will take some time out of your leisure time. BUT you have to do it because it is undoubtedly worth it. The preparations consist of a lot of paperwork, including:

  • international criminal record
  • vaccination papers
  • contracts with the foreign university
  • contracts with Erasmus
  • contracts with clinical placement
  • choosing accommodation
  • medical and property insurance
  • seeking grants and funds
  • documentation e.g. copy of passport information and Transcripts of Records

Additionally, you have to book flight and train tickets. Part of the preparation is therefore also to save money because it’s hard to know exactly how much the exchange costs, so it’s a good idea to be on the safe side and put money into a savings account. After that there is nothing else to do – but to wait for the upcoming year and look forward to study at University of Leeds … 🙂

by Alina Aiesha Khan – University College Lillebaelt – Denmark


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