Adam’s First Impressions of Leeds

So I have been in Leeds for a while now and I already want to respond to my flatmates and others in a British accent! Adjusting to living here really hasn’t been too difficult, except for the time change and the fact that there is absolutely no pattern as to how people walk on sidewalks. The weather has been wonderful… if wonderful is 40 degrees and cloudy with a misty rain all day long! I have had a lot of fun meeting my fellow study abroad students from other countries like China, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka, Korea, Canada and many more.


This weekend I was able to take in some more of the sights around Leeds and the rest of England. On Friday I went to Kirkstall Abbey, a Cistercian monastery that was built in the 12th century. It was truly incredible to see such an old building (way older than any I’ve ever seen) standing, much of which is still standing today. Afterwards, I met up with my friend Sam (who is from China) and a few others to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We went to a great Chinese Restaurant for a nice, authentic meal–and oddly enough I drank tea for the first time in my life here, and it was quite tasty!


On Sunday, I ventured to the Ilkley Moor with other international students. We went on about a 5 hour hike up and down and all around the moor, and luckily it was a rare, sunny day here in England. The views of the surrounding area were beautiful, and there were plenty of sheep to greet us along the way. I look forward to continue to explore Leeds and all it has to offer!


by Adam Hoefs – Wisconsin-Madison University – USA


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