Michaela’s Top Exchange Experiences

Academic & Campus:Michaela McDonough 2

My favorite module at the University of Leeds was ‘Women, Culture and Islam’ because of the style of the class and discussion involved throughout the lecture. My professor discussed interesting topics and opened the content up for discussion amongst the class, making it very engaging. I was studying within the school of School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science. I was given the opportunity to delve into the study of Islam as well as cultural studies and musical theory. On campus my favourite aspect was the integration of activities for the students studying abroad. There were constant events for exchange students so I was able to meet students from all around the world. My favourite place on campus was Café Nero in the Laidlaw library because it was a great place to unwind with friends after studies, or the common room within my residence hall because it was a great social area for everyone living in Ellerslie Global Residence.


While in Leeds I visited Kirkstall Abbey with friends from within my residence hall. It was really interesting and a beautiful sight that was also free! Leeds was a gMichaela McDonough 1reat city populated almost entirely by college students. The surrounding area was filled with people from all over the world. My favorite social activity ended up being hanging out with friends in the residence hall I was living in because everyone congregated in the common room. This led to games and gatherings with people from all over the world discussing different cultures and countries. After getting to know the city of Leeds I was then able to branch out and travel to other countries.

UK & Europe:

While abroad, I was able to travel around the UK to cities like London, Harrogate, Liverpool and the White Cliffs of Dover. Outside of England, I travelled to cities around Ireland and Scotland such as Dublin, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. I also was able to travel around Europe visiting the following countries: Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Monaco. Some of the major cities I visited included Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Lucerne, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, and Brussels. I did not spend time with a host family, although when traveling to the various locations I previously listed, I stayed at the homes of friends I have made while at the University of Leeds specifically while in London, Belgium, and Amsterdam.

Michaela McDonough 3Michaela McDonough 4

by Michaela McDonough – University of Vermont – USA


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