Antri’s Alumni Profile

Antri Constantinou 1

When and what did you study in Leeds?

I studied as an exchange student during the academic year 2014/15 in the School of Linguistics and Phonetics. Now I study as a postgraduate student at the School of Education in the MA TESOL Studies program.

What made you return to Leeds for your postgraduate studies?

I chose to come back to Leeds mainly because I spent a year as an Erasmus student. This was a valuable experience for me since I had the chance to get to know the English culture more, practice the English language, and of course take advantage of the opportunities provided by the University (resources, events, seminars, webinars). Also, the high ranking of the university was an important reason that made me return to Leeds.

Antri Constantinou 3

Where are your favourite places on campus?

I really like the pop-up fashion bazaars in the Union, but also the fact that you can grab a beer in the Old Bar, and do so many different things while here. I also LOVED the Edge gym which is fully equipped and offers so many classes. Particularly, I have attended several Zumba classes which I really enjoy.

What are your favourite places to visit in Leeds?

I enjoy the view and coffee from the rooftop of Angelica Bar. Also, I love the Trinity and generally shopping in Leeds which is one of the best shopping destinations. My favourite place to eat is, definitely, Red Hot World Buffet since it offers a great variety of cuisines.

Did you visit any other areas of the UK during your studies at Leeds?

I have visited York many times and specifically the gardens. It is a fairy tale-like, picturesque city. I’ve also been to Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Manchester and Southampton. I enjoyed being in Southampton and Portsmouth mainly because of the shopping experience. I also plan to travel to Amsterdam during the Easter break!

How do you reflect on your time studying abroad?

Leeds has become a second home for me since I have spent so much time here. Being in this city has shaped my personality in many different ways; for example, I have learned to be more confident and taking up responsibilities for myself as well as for other since now I am a Course Rep in my MA program. As an Erasmus and postgraduate student here, I met people from different backgrounds, learned to respect the way they think and tried to get into their shoes.

by Antri Constantinou – University of Cyprus – Cyprus


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