Rasa’s Leeds International Summer School Experience

Rasa Islam

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Greetings! I am Rasa and I live here in Perth, Australia. I love nurturing my Sagittarian self, which includes travelling, photography and anything arty. Born and brought up in Bangladesh, I moved to Australia three years ago. Oh and fun fact – I recently discovered, in an online quiz, that I am an extroverted-introvert (although I never understood why that is different from an introverted-extrovert).

You studied abroad at the University of Leeds in July as part of Leeds International Sumer School (LISS). Why did you choose LISS and the modules you studied?

When looking for a short term study abroad opportunity, I found LISS. This program was everything I asked for – credit-bearing and interesting modules with loads of social opportunities included in the program, all in England! I always had a flair for global wealth distribution and economics, so I chose Wealth and Poverty as one of my modules. My second module was Entrepreneurship and Society, because entrepreneurial skills are essential in today’s society.

What did you enjoy most about studying in Leeds last summer?

I LOVED my experience at LISS. The modules were interesting, but more so was the social and cultural aspect of it – I made friends that I know will last a lifetime, and many from different corners of the globe. I travelled, with friends and on my own, exploring and admiring this land.

Is there anything from your LISS experience you have brought back to your home institution?

LISS has given me experiences I will cherish for life. I owe LISS a lot of my personal developments – social communication, organisation and time management, alongside a lot of those magical photos of evergreen memories.

What have you been up to since leaving Leeds?

Since I returned back to my home university, I have been involved in several leadership positions here. I live on campus and I have also been more involved with the community. I am currently doing an internship, so my LISS skills of juggling work and play are coming in handy here. I am a LISS ambassador too, so I am hoping to host an information session on LISS soon, in addition to the unofficial LISS advocacy that I am doing already.

For students considering summer study abroad at the University of Leeds what advice would you give them?

For those of you considering LISS: just do it. Nothing better than 30 days of a global cultural immersion with your international friends in the heart of England, admiring English treasures and broadening your knowledge base with LISS’ great modules!

And here is my favourite LISS mantra: You only LISS once.

by Rasa Islam – University of Western Australia – Australia


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