Valentina’s Memories of Leeds

Valentina Ballarini 3When and what did you study at Leeds?

I studied in Leeds in 2011 from September to January in the Early Childhood Education faculty.

What made you choose Leeds as your study abroad destination?

I chose Leeds because I wanted to attend a semester in England to improve my English! Leeds turned out to be the perfect place to study and to have the best experience!

What was your favourite module that you studied at Leeds?

I loved to study Special Education module! It was my favourite!

Valentina Ballarini 2

What were your favourite places on campus?

Leeds campus is such an amazing place! You can find whatever you want and all the help you need! I loved to stay in the Refectory just to study or to catch up with friends! I met a lot of people there and I had so much fun!

What were your favourite places to visit in Leeds?

Leeds is such a lovely city! The centre is so beautiful especially at Christmas time! I loved the park too…I used to live in St. Mark accommodation and the park was just attached to it: I often went there for walks or picnics with friends! I used to go a lot at Eldon Pub…very good food and drinks and we also had so much fun at the Erasmus parties!

Did you visit any other areas of the UK during your studies at Leeds?

With friends we went to Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and York! The best experience was in Edinburgh where we stayed 4 days: the atmosphere, the mountains, the streets…everything was so fascinating and beautiful!

Valentina Ballarini 1

What are you doing now, and how do you think your study abroad experience prepared you for further study/your career?

Now I work with disabled kids and adults especially with people with autism syndrome! I think that my study abroad experience helped me to open my mind and to think differently, to stay with different people and to learn how to cooperate!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone should have the chance to go abroad for study! It’s so helpful and useful for your growth and self-confidence! Go and open your mind!

by Valentina Ballarini – Bergamo University – Italy


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