Mridhulamangai’s Preparation for LISS

LISS studentHello! I am Mridhulamangai doing Biomedical engineering in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

Studying abroad has always been an extensive part of my wish list. Travelling, exploring and getting immersed in various cultural spectra especially the food habits has forever pumped up the enthusiasm levels in me. So all this put together I thought Leeds would be an impeccable place for me to learn as well as travel and find new friends for a lifetime from various parts of the world.

I am totally exhilarated about the fact that I will be spending this entire summer in Leeds University and be a part of the LISS Program. I am expecting LISS to provide a fun learning experience. It’s time to scratch #1 off my bucket list because exploring UK has always been on the top. Hope it’s going to be a brand new exposure to study in foreign university along with various students around the globe. I am kind of over whelmed about the food, music, theatre, climate and just about everything new and different in the UK. All in all I am looking forward to my time there in Leeds.

by Mridhulamangai Anandakumar – PSG College of Technology – India


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