Claire’s Exchange Timeline

The Exchange Timeline: a comprehensive guide to what you will think and feel

Claire Boughey 10 I wanted to write a blog post that I thought would be helpful for future exchange students to read, but I didn’t want to write a “what I wish I knew”, “highlights of my exchange” or “what I have learnt” blog, so instead I am going to tell you the cycle of emotions you will feel whilst on exchange.

Stage 1:

“I’m sorry… what? Could you just slow down and write that all down for me because I have no idea what you just said” – When you arrive on exchange people like to bombard you with information (verbal and paper form). They usually speak like you have a mild idea of what you are doing (which you don’t) and deliver all 10 steps to settling in at once, instead of 1 one at a time.

Stage 2:

“Hmmm how do I make friends?” – So you arrive and you are entirely disorientated, confused and tired but you have to make friends otherwise you are going to be alone and miserable for the next 6 months… but you haven’t had to make new friends since starting Year 8. Its okay, take a breath and say hi… and if necessary acting entirely desperate usually gets sympathy invites!

Stage 3:

Homesickness – For some this may happen earlier than others, its usually worse when special occasions roll around and can even come in waves but its important to remember that this is an amazing opportunity and once you get home again, you’ll be asking yourself “Why did I want to come back to my boring life where I have no money or job?” so make the most of it!

Stage 4:

Assignments? You mean this isn’t a holiday?” – It may not affect your GPA but you do still have to do work to pass… shocking right?

Stage 5:

Everyone in your last week of exchange: “Bet you are looking forward to going home!” You: “I’m happy sad… happy to see everyone back home, but sad to say goodbye to those I have met” – You create a life for yourself on exchange, a mini family and support network. You achieve so much and it seems heartbreaking to leave it all behind, but you know that on the other end of the ridiculously long flight home (because you live in Australia that is basically in the middle of nowhere and near nothing) there are a group of people that love you.

by Claire Boughey – Queensland University of Technology – Australia


One thought on “Claire’s Exchange Timeline

  1. hey would it be possible to get your contact details to ask you some questions about Queensland Tech as I’m meant to be going there next year and I just have a few questions ?


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