Lilian’s Memories of Leeds

Lilian Martin 1This is our 50th post!!

When did you study in Leeds as a study abroad student, and what subject?

I studied in the School of Earth & Environment back in 2014.

What made you choose Leeds as your study abroad destination?

I chose to study at the University of Leeds, because Leeds offered a variety of courses that interested me and fell in my major. I also wanted to experience northern England and get a feel for the northern culture. The location was also ideal, because it’s halfway between London and Scotland. Leeds certainly did not disappoint!

Did you join any clubs or societies in Leeds?

I joined the international language group, which met at the University pub. This was a great place for meeting new people, especially if you’re interested in learning or practicing a new language. I also joined the society, socieTEA, which as you can assume, is a society for having tea at the University tearoom. I really enjoyed this society, as I could try new teas, eat fancy cakes, and meet new people!

What were your favourite tourist attractions or places to visit in Leeds?

Victoria Gate in Leeds was a fantastic place to shop and stroll around at. I’ve bought numerous clothing items and gifts for my friends and family back home. The Leeds Market was also a great place to shop for reasonably priced food and cool knick knack items; and it’s also a great place for immersing yourself in the local northern culture. As for places to eat, I fell in love with an Indian cuisine restaurant called Mylahore! (They do take-out, too!)

Lilian Martin 2Did you visit other UK or European cities as a study abroad student?

While at the University of Leeds, I explored other UK cities during my free time. I went to York, Liverpool, Whitby, London, and Hathersage. The most memorable experience was hiking to Stanage Edge, where a scene from Pride and Prejudice was filmed. My travel buddy and I started our hike further out than we anticipated, so we ended up hiking multiple miles. To top things off, it started to rain and we were unprepared for the weather. Despite everything, it made for a memorable experience, with lots of laughs, and great photos.

I also traveled during spring break for a full month with four friends. We divided our time between Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Afterwards, I went on a solo trip to Lille France, Luxembourg, and Belfast Ireland.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The nightlife in Leeds is by far the best I’ve ever seen. There are a variety of cool clubs, pubs, and restaurants that set the bar really high.

by Lilian Martin – University of California at Santa Cruz – USA


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