Alina Aiesha’s Top Exchange Experiences


Since the first participation of an international café in Denmark, I have had in mind that study abroad was something that I really wanted to do. I have also visited England a few times and I am still convinced that University of Leeds was the best choice, due to the university’s long history and international recognition.

I even saw it as a motivation to have proven to myself that I really can study in another country and to challenge myself linguistically, culturally, and professionally.

The university being voted as the best university for 2017 is no exaggeration. The University campus, specifically the union, is spectacular. My home university does not have half of the events and societies that Leeds offers like the Fencing Club, The Edge or Food Society.

Leeds is also a vibrant city – with all the museums, shops, parks, and restaurants that Leeds has to offer, there’s always plenty to do. Especially The Thackray Medical Museum is an amazing museum; there is information about the history of medicine but there is also an old street walk through and you are prompted to choose a character card and follow their journey. It’s really realistic, dark, noisy and scary, – but it is possible to avoid this section and there are signs to pre-warn you, but I’d strongly recommend going through!

But one of the things I think has been important to prioritize, both in terms of social and cultural, is excursions rather than studying all the time. Even though you are on an exchange to develop professionally, it’s at least as important if you ask me. Therefore, I also chose to visit Manchester and London during my period in Leeds. One of the benefits is that you have the ability to meet students from other parts of the uni and you’ll meet people from other cultures/countries you wouldn’t normally socialise with.

At last but not least as we often say in Denmark (which is also a quote from the famous Hans Christian Andersen) : “To travel is to live.”

by Alina Aiesha Khan – Vejle University College Lillebaelt – Denmark


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