Mohammad’s Alumni Profile


When and what did you study in Leeds?

I studied in the School of Earth & Environment in 2013/14.

What made you choose Leeds as your study abroad destination?

The first thing that came across my mind when considering to study abroad is that:

  • I can finally acquire experiences studying in a different country, for example, in terms of knowledge, culture, science and technology.
  • The opportunities to study abroad will open and broaden the mind. By living in a foreign country, I managed to adapt to the new surroundings that challenged myself in new and exciting ways and gained a new level of independence.
  • I also learnt to be immersed in the language, culture, and people.
  • I strongly believe, especially in my country, that having international education experience is an incredible resume booster, as it shows that one is a motivated, independent, and qualified individual.

During my third year, my home university’s new programme called GenNext requires students to explore beyond the university’s four walls, under a programme called “Discovery Year”. As for me, I was enrolled in a Study Abroad Programme with University of Leeds under School or Earth and Environment (SEE). University of Leeds (SEE), has offered me the opportunity to explore various environmental science-related fields. Every learning prospect has definitely broadened my horizons. Studying Earth and Environment course in Leeds is definitely a unique experience, with highly educated staff and an exceptional learning and good teaching environment.

What was your favourite module as a study abroad student?

Since Earth science is always been my passion, I wish that I could take all the modules offered by School of Earth and Environment. My most favourite modules were: Atmospheric Pollution from Local to Global Scales, Climate Change: Science and Impacts and Atmospheric and Ocean Climate Change.

What were your favourite tourist attractions or places to visit in Leeds and Yorkshire?

In Leeds:

  • Roundhay Park
  • Royal Armouries (Its free!!)
  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Try to walk along River Aire and sit somewhere.
  • Eccup

Near Leeds:

  • Harewood House
  • York
  • Harrogate – First Betty’s Cafe
  • Saltaire
  • Ilkley Moor

What are you doing now, and how do you think your study abroad experience prepared you for further study, or your career?

This is the best part. Since I fell in LOVE with Leeds, I decided to come back here to do my masters! Guess what I am doing at the moment? Im doing MSc in Transport Planning and the Environment at the University of Leeds.

by Mohammad Fahmi Abu Bakar – Universiti Brunei Darussalam – Brunei


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