Isabel’s Preparation for Leeds

Isabel Fuentes MartinezHello, my name is Isabel María Fuentes Martínez, I’m from Spain and I’m currently studying English Studies at the University of Jaén.

The English language and culture has always been a huge part of my life, for example Harry Potter was the first book I read when I was a child. The majority of my favourite TV series, movies, books and music came from the British Isles so I can say I love the British culture and also its history.

It was clear to me that I wanted to study in the UK but the decision of studying in Leeds actually came to me the moment I saw the destinations I could choose. I actually did not know anything about Leeds, so I did research, and I loved it. I discovered there was plenty of museums, galleries, and culture in every corner. I discovered that it was near Manchester and Liverpool, and that in Bradford was the museum about the Brontë sisters. In that moment and after seen the university I decided that I would love to study there.

In the same instant my university gave me green light to study in Leeds, I started to make preparations: searching the residence, the modules that fit my degree, starting to send emails to the Study Abroad office… Sometimes it was truly overwhelming with all the documents, having to talk with so many people, so many deadlines that my calendar was really full of marker’s writing… But everything was worthy because with all of this you start to get your recompenses: you start to be accepted in the modules that you want (or a module that is alike)…

Then, there is a moment you start also to meet the people that are going to being there to, other exchange and Erasmus student that make you feel a bit less lonely and realise that they also feel overwhelmed and excited and terrified and happy again, just like you.

Last, you realise that in a month you will be there, after a nearly whole year of preparations, starting a new academic year very far (or not so far) from home and this freak you out a bit but it also makes you being looking forward it as it is new and exciting. And as the best stories I have read that make me start to love the British literature, (C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien): the adventure is just beginning.

by Isabel Mª Fuentes Martínez – Jaen University – Spain


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