Pier’s Alumni Profile

Pier Simone Pischedda 3When and what did you study in Leeds as an exchange student?

I studied in Leeds between January-June 2009 as an Erasmus exchange student in the Modern Languages department and then came back in September 2010 for further PG study (and have been living in Leeds since).

When did you study in Leeds as a postgraduate student, and what degree?

MA in Applied Translation Studies (2010-2011) followed by a PhD in Applied Linguistics (2012-2017).

What made you return to Leeds for your postgraduate studies?

I enjoyed my Erasmus experience in Leeds so much that when I went back to my home country I felt like I had to go back and make the most of the excellent learning and studying facilities available in Leeds. The members of staff at Leeds University really know how to get the best out of every student through a constant tailored teaching experience offered. Those people have inspired me massively and that is what brought to continue studying at Leeds University for an MA and then a PhD, degree that I have recently been awarded. During my doctorate I have also been teaching in the department and I am currently a teaching assistant in linguistics and translation studies.

Applying for that six-month exchange in Leeds essentially changed my life and my career and I owe all of my academic success to the University’s staff in LCS (Languages, Cultures and Societies).

Pier Simone Pischedda 2

What was your favourite module as a study abroad student?

I did one module in the English department and one module in the Linguistics and Phonetics unit. This last course, in particular, introduced me to important linguistic theories that then formed the basis for both my MA and PhD dissertations.

What was your favourite aspect of life on campus?

I loved the sense of community that the Leeds Uni campus provided, the many events organised and the city itself, which had a really up-and-coming feel to it (I was not wrong considering all the new developments that took place in the last few years!). I really cannot see myself living anywhere else in the UK.

Did you join any clubs or societies in Leeds?

I joined the photography society during my Erasmus months.

Pier Simone Pischedda 1What are your favourite tourist attractions or places to visit in Leeds and Yorkshire?

I really enjoyed the campus itself and the city centre. In particular, I loved walking near the canal and river area. Many stunning sceneries there. I have visited most of the big cities in the north during my exchange (York, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Sheffield) and visited a few other villages in and around Yorkshire (Whitby, Scarborough, Ilkley, Harrogate). I am a bit of a foodie so I must say I have tried many restaurants in Leeds. I particularly enjoyed the diverse range of cuisines available in the Leeds area, from Indian and Japanese dishes to Chinese dumplings and American burgers.

Did you travel to Europe while studying in Leeds?

I travelled to Paris as there were cheaper flights form the UK when compared to flights from Italy.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Nothing to add. I highly recommend studying in Leeds. You won’t regret it.

by Pier Simone Pischedda – Torino University – Exchange Class of 2009


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