Guest Post: Global Café


Global Café is a weekly event aiming to bring people from different cultures, courses and study levels together. It is held at Common Ground in the University Union, every Monday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to have a friendly chat over free coffee, tea and biscuits. The welcoming atmosphere makes it highly popular – the biggest event this year attracted over 260 students! Those who come to the event regularly often say that Global Café feels like their second family, or home away from home.

A special part of GC are the Global Café + themed events. There are organised to celebrate important holidays from different cultures – for example Chinese New Year, Christmas or Divali – or promote societies and organisations active on campus. They are always full of fun games and creative activities, which makes the regular GC meetings much more exciting!

Global Café also provides employment opportunities, as all the staff working at the event are University students. The main responsibilities of a GC Assistant are not only setting up, serving the biscuits, coffee and tea and cleaning but also socialising! Imagine your job is to work with a team of friends, meet a lot of interesting


people from all around the world and make sure they are having fun – what could be better than that? Moreover, International Student Office are fantastic employers – very well organised and friendly at the same time. Working at the Global Café is a great opportunity to earn some extra money and get more work experience while broadening your cultural horizons.

What guests say…

“As a new International Student in Leeds, I would say experiences in Global Cafe are so amazing! It is a perfect way to get accustomed the new university life. I love the lively atmosphere with free coffee and biscuits! You can always meet a bunch of interesting people here. Walking into each other’s world and sharing each other’s stories happen all the time. Apart from that, I think GC is also a good place to practice your spoken languages. You can not only practice your English, but also learn any other languages you like. If you are lucky, you may even find a language partner, who will become your friend as well.“

If you want to have fun – come!
If you want to meet new friends – come!
If you want to experience something new at Uni – come!

by Julia and Ziying – Link to Leeds Ambassadors


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