Lucia’s Memories of Leeds

Lucia FranchiWhen and what did you study in Leeds?

I am a Uruguayan/Italian student who was an exchange student from Argentina in 2010 and I studied the following modules: LUBS1775 Research Methods for Management, LUBS2150 People in Organisations, LUBS2160 Principles of Marketing, LUBS1000 Innovation and Creativity in Business, LUBS1765 Business and Society (Social Theory) and LUBS1010 Understanding Social Enterprises.

What made you choose Leeds as your study abroad destination?

I was looking to study in a country with good reputation in business, my area of expertise, so UK was an obvious choice. When it came to choose between the best cities to live as a student I found very good references of University of Leeds and finally decided to go there.

What was your favourite module as a study abroad student?

My favourite module was Innovation & Creativity in Business, it was an eye-opener module that later affected my career and professional choices. This module and Understanding Social Enterprises were very new to me and in my home university they did not offer them. While I was part of Leeds Exchange programme I had the opportunity to join a team called SIFE that helped people in need through the positive power of business, an excellent experience.

Lucia Franchi 1

What were your favourite places to visit in Leeds and Yorkshire?

While I was studying we used to join some trips to Lake District, Manchester and many other places. We used to go to the Otley Run pub crawls and met a lot of different people from different countries.There was a particular bar that was called The Eldon where we (exchange students) used to meet at least twice a week.. the best bar!!

Did you visit other UK or European cities as a study abroad student?

When I arrived Leeds I was staying in St Mark’s residence for exchange students, after a week there I already had a group of friends and we organized a lot of trips to Manchester, London, Bath, Scotland and France. It was the best experience!

What are you doing now, and how do you think your study abroad experience prepared you for further study or your career?

I have been working in Finance in Mergers & Acquisitions, until last year in Argentina. After Leeds I knew that once I finished studying I wanted to gain experience working in my home country and then I wanted to keep on studying abroad. Now I am studying an Executive MBA in Barcelona where I am experiencing another international education milestone. Since Leeds happened in my life I knew for sure that I would want to develop my career focusing on international markets and this is the path I am following until today.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Enjoy it! It happens once in your life and going to Leeds will leave you many life lessons that are worth experience!

by Lucia Franchi – Buenos Aires Catholic University – Argentina


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