Jessica’s Reasons to Study Abroad in Leeds

201004594 Jessica Westervelt S2 F North Carolina2When I started my studies at North Carolina State University I already knew that I wanted to study abroad in England, but I had no idea where. I soon stumbled across brochures for the University of Leeds and quickly decided it was where I wanted to spend a semester abroad. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was boarding my flight to Leeds in January with no idea of how incredible the next six months of my life would be. The University of Leeds quickly felt like home, especially since I lived on campus in Lyddon Hall (the best place to live in my humble opinion).

Academically, I found that the School of Earth and Environment offers a lot of classes that aren’t available at my home university and I thoroughly enjoyed every class I took. Economics and Sustainability was a really fantastic module. I learned so much about how the economy affects the environment from one of the leading sustainable economists in the country; an experience that cannot be easily replicated.

The campus is absolutely fantastic. There are always exciting activities going on around Leeds University Union (LUU) which students can take part in. I particularly loved the Give it a Go sessions offered by the union (one-off taster sessions for the various clubs and societies) and the many trips to nearby attractions, such as Malham Cove or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (I loved both). The Laidlaw Library is definitely one of my favourite places on campus because it is such a great place to study. It offers students the latest technology and comfortable modern furniture which is great for studying. The campus is in a great location with a 20 minute walk into town, making it easy to spend time exploring such a great city.

201004594 Jessica Westervelt S2 F North Carolina1Leeds is a fantastic city as a study abroad destination. It is student-friendly and there is never a shortage of things to do no matter what time of day. During the day you can visit the many shopping centres in town, relax in one of the many parks, or explore a museum. At night, the city comes alive with many options for a great night out with friends, whether it’s in Leeds city centre or the fantastic Fruity Fridays on campus. Yorkshire is breath-taking and has a lot to offer in the way of hiking, sightseeing, shopping and more.

I fell in love with the UK and I am so fortunate to have been able to see so many fantastic and historical cities during my time here. Having visited many cities both in the UK and around the world, I can easily say Leeds is my favourite and I cannot wait to return. If you’re interested in studying abroad in the UK, I suggest you pack your bags and enjoy what I consider to be the best city to study abroad in.

by Jessica Westervelt – North Carolina State University – USA


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