Celisha’s First Impressions of Leeds

Hello! This post is all about being in a new country; studying and living all on my own for the very first time.

I have been in Leeds, United Kingdom for just over a month now, and it has been crazy! I’m here studying art in my third year of university. It has been so very interesting. The way art is taught here is so different from the way it is taught at York. Here, they treat you like a practicing artist, they give you total and complete freedom to create what you like and how you like it. Of course, I’m struggling with this because I’m so used to structured classes and timelines. But at least I get to focus on my photography and developing my skills in that area.

Another thing that has changed for me drastically is the fact that now I have to rely on myself completely for everything!!! I’m now cooking my own dinners, cleaning my own bathroom… life living on my own!! It can be hard at times to rely on myself to meet my everyday needs, especially when the depression kicks in, and I can’t find the motivation to cook or go out and do things. But, I am really learning how to overcome a lot of the things that come along with the depression and anxiety I experience.

Being in a new country is just a totally new experience for me. I’ve never been so far from home before, and never on my own. First thing I want to say…. I MISS TIM HORTON’S!!! I’m living in the land of tea, and it is hard to get a good coffee fix around here! But I’m getting by just fine. I’ve been enjoying all the cafes and the food and the people. I’m just so glad and thankful that I have the opportunity to be here, creating art, and just living!

Celisha Hosein 1

Celisha Hosein 2

Celisha Hosein 3

Celisha Hosein 4

Celisha Hosein 5

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and my artistic journey. I love you!


by Celisha Hosein – York University – Canada


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