Sarah’s Packing Tips

Right now, I’m packing for the big day when I leave Singapore to Leeds (via London) – with lots of help from my mum especially. (Note: I’m flying on British Airways – there may be different luggage requirements)

First, I’m bringing 2 bags – one that’s quite big (about 70 x 46 x 27cm) and a cabin size one (56 x 45 x 25cm). I’ll be carrying a backpack as well (about 50 x 18 x 35cm) – but unfortunately, it does not meet the size limit for British Airways’ laptop bag.

So most likely I’m going to roll/fold my backpack and squeeze it into my cabin luggage, so I can still bring both!

I’m going in Semester 2, so I’ll be experiencing Winter, Spring and Summer all in a span of 6 months in Leeds! This means I’ll have to pack different types of clothing, for winter, spring and summer. For summer, I just packed in a few short sleeved tops, because I’m buying more summer clothes in England, so I’m saving the space for the winter wear. (Refer to Leeds weather info to get an idea of the weather! I might also write a post just about the weather when I’m there…)

News update: It’s snowing heavily in Leeds, Dec 2017!

Sarah Ng
Snowing in Leeds, 2016 (Photo taken from the Telegraph)

It’ll be my very first winter so I’m not the best person to write about winter clothing. But one tip I picked up from my well-traveled relatives is to wear clothes in layers.

It’s recommended (by the Leeds Singapore Society) to buy more winter outfits in Leeds, because there is more variety of winter wear compared to Singapore. I’ve bought most of my winter wear in Singapore, but only essential items – all in sets of twos or threes. E.g. three sets of thermal inner wear for the top and bottom, three jumpers, two scarves etc. Although it’ll mean repeat wear outfits, I can mix-and-match what I have, or buy more in Leeds.

Because it snows in Leeds, I got a pair of winter boots in Singapore, which are water-resistant. But I suggest getting waterproof boots instead! (see this page for the difference between water-resistant and waterproof).

Cooking equipment: I’m bringing a small cooker that can cook rice and steam buns. Note: Leeds Uni sells kitchen packs, and department stores in Leeds e.g. Argos sells kitchenware.

Food: I think I’ll be packing in Milo sachets and maybe a small teriyaki sauce bottle or chili sauce? I heard that Asian food will be more costly over there, and my friends even told me to bring a few packets of instant noodles. We’ll see if I have luggage space for that!

Bedding: Leeds Uni campus accommodation does not provide their own bedding, except Ellerslie Global Residences (if I’m not wrong). Note: Leeds Uni sells bedding packs.

Travel adapter: I think UK shares the same 3-pin plug electric socket as Singapore, so I’m not too concerned about this. I’ll bring a multi-plug adapter and may buy an international (Europe) adapter as well.

Skincare: I’m packing in moisturisers, lip balms, and skincare products that I use and are not found in Leeds. (this is a tip I read from the LeedsUniBound blog!)

Stationery: Singapore sells good stationery brands that I’m so used to (e.g. Uniball), which are unlikely to be found in Leeds, so I’m going to bring a few pens overseas.

Photos – family/friends photos or small mementos to remind you of home,

Travel documents – don’t forget to bring extra passport photos just in case!

Good news is that if you’re on exchange in Leeds, you can join the Leeds Uni Incoming Buddies Facebook group (which you will be invited to join via email), and many students who are in Leeds the past semester and are packing to go home would usually make generous (free or low cost) giveaways for useful things, such as coat hangers, cooking equipment and bedding.

If you’re staying on campus in Leeds, the Accommodation Portal suggests buying or packing bedding, kitchen equipment, and towels. Kettles and irons (and ironing boards) are provided in all halls except the following halls: Liberty Dock, The Tannery, James Baillie Park, Leodis and Grayson Heights.

Moreover, you are not allowed to bring these things (Source: Leeds Accommodation portal):

Portable electric or gas heaters
Chip pans or deep fat fryers
Fairy/Christmas lights
Incense sticks, oil lamps or anything else that’s a fire hazard
Pets or animals, except guide dogs (please let us know!)
Anything that could harm you or others (or looks like it could!). For example pellet or airguns, knives or any other form of weapon, chemicals or fireworks
DJ equipment (unless you use headphones)
Nitrous Oxide or other gases

If you’d like a more detailed packing list, the following links may be helpful:

What to bring to University of Leeds:

by Sarah Ng – Nanyang Technological University – Singapore



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