Pratibha’s LISS Experience 2017

Pratibha LISS 1

According to me every student should take a chance to learn things that are a far cry from their regular courses at least once in their life time. Doubtlessly it will aid them to stand ‘out of the box’, and also to enhance their skills in various fields.

I belong to the field of Biotechnology which is one of the onerous fields and so I’m longing to learn something divergent.  That is the reason which made me pick Leeds International Summer School (LISS).

I’m sure I made a right choice because each and every instant at Leeds was really profitable and it forms one of the mile stones in my career. The learning habitat was entirely different from my home university, where we had to confer a lot with our professors and the way of training was practical.

Pratibha LISS 2

Also, my summer school made me take my own decisions, it improved my self-esteem and helped me to become independent and this is what I needed. I was fortunate enough to organise a ‘global food party’ with my flatmates. I can say for sure that the skill of coordinating people from different culture for this party was the impact of the knowledge which I gained from my first module – Business and Cultural Awareness.

My second module was Introduction to Digital Photography where I got to know the nuts and bolts on handling DSLR camera and to capture meaningful photographs. And now photography is my most esteem hobby. Thus, LISS helped me to explore and mould myself.

Thank you very much to the LISS Co-ordinators and the social assistants.

by Pratibha Manickavasagam – PSG College of Technology – India


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