Meike’s First Semester in Leeds

Meike Heinrich 1

Hi guys,

It’s been ages since my last blog post on here, but this prompt inspired me to write something up. Maybe it helps some new arrivals here!

I arrived in Leeds in September 2017 and even though the journey itself wasn’t the greatest, I do think I adapted quite quickly into university life (it helps if you like your classes, which I did). It was a little overwhelming at first but at some point you find your way around. I joined trips to surrounding cities and landmarks like Cambridge, Liverpool, and Malham Cove, I spent a weekend in London and travelled to Manchester to see the Christmas markets. I loved the pre-Christmas spirit overall which is why I was one of the last to leave for Christmas break – I wanted to experience as many Christmassy things as possible!

From experience I know that I’m always doing better in summer than winter semesters – I couldn’t tell you why, but I feel more motivated and inspired now than I did last semester. That’s a good thing because it’s just the first week and I’m already swamped with readings, two essays, and planning my Bachelor’s thesis which I’ll hand in once I’m back home! Nevertheless, I still want to see more of the country – I’ll join the trips to Stratford-upon-Avon (a must as an English major) and Scarborough, and maybe some more after Easter break. I’ve also used the opportunity of a new semester to look at some more societies – I have to say that I didn’t make the most of them last semester, but now I’m in the Music society and looking forward to singing in the choir, and we’ll see what will come of the other Give it a Go sessions.

I hope all the newly arrives students have a good start in Leeds! I can promise that I’ve seen days where it didn’t rain, so look forward to that. Until then, have as much fun as you can in your classes and societies and make the most of it. (Also, find a way to document it – write a blog or make an Instagram account or something! It’s great to be able to look back on it.)


Meike x

by Meike Heinrich – Berlin Freie University – Germany


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