Madie’s First Semester in Leeds

Madison Bland 1

For all the build-up, preparation and waiting that went into the months leading up to exchange, it is still a surreal feeling, even after a whole semester, to think that I am experiencing this incredible opportunity to live and study abroad in Leeds. Every week there’s has been a new activity, location, eating spot and pub, making it hard to take a step back and appreciate the amount of amazing sights, tastes and sounds both Leeds and the UK have to offer. But it’s a burden that I’ll cop on the chin, because it’s all come together to make the place feel like my home away from home.

As unreal as Leeds has been, for me, getting away from the city has been a nice change up and nothing has been more refreshing and invigorating than a trip to the Yorkshire Dales, getting out to the great outdoors and climbing a peak or three. There’s so much to see and do in and around Leeds, as well as the whole UK, that it’s creating a bit of the feeling of FOMO.

Currently, the hectic period of exam block is now over, which definitely crept up out of nowhere and I am keen to get back into rhythm that the semester brings. Plenty of new events, gigs, activities and classes fill the week with non-stop experiences that if you blink, it’ll be exams all over again. Add in a nice month off for Easter that allows time for a cheeky Eastern-European get-away, I’m excited to see where Semester 2 of this journey takes me!

by Madie Bland – Griffith University – Australia


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