Noa’s Top Exchange Experiences

Noa Wijnen 1I have studied in Leeds in the first semester of academic year 2017-2018, as part of my bachelor of Medicine.

I wanted to go on exchange to England, because I wanted to improve my English and generally I wanted to experience studying and living abroad. The University of Leeds also offered many interesting courses!

In Leeds I took a course in Academic English, with only international students. Furthermore, I did a course called ‘Food and Cancer’, which was very biomedical, but also very interesting. Finally, I did the course ‘Current Developments in Healthcare Ethics’. I liked this course the most. We were in a group of 12 students (only British medicine students) and every week we discussed several ethical topics in medicine. The assessment consisted of a group presentation and a paper on a topic of our own interest.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed campus life! The university buildings are all located on the same campus, and there are many libraries, coffee corners and nice cosy places to chat with your friends, which makes it enjoyable to spend your days at the university!

Noa Wijnen 3Besides, the University of Leeds has over 200 societies, too many to choose! They even have a Quidditch society (yes – the Harry Potter sport, it is apparently a big thing in the UK). During the introduction weeks, students have the opportunity to ‘Give it a Go’, which are free try out sessions of all societies! Eventually I tried many different sports! There is also a sports centre (The Edge) on campus, with many facilities! For example, many group lessons and a swimming pool.

During the semester, I lived in a University Accommodation, Montague Burton. I would definitively recommend living in a University Residence, because it is easy to meet new people and to make new friends. Montague Burton, for example, is a very close community and the students often organize a lot of activities. This place made me feel at home.

Noa Wijnen 2The city of Leeds has a lot of museums, cinemas and nice restaurants to go to. Furthermore, Leeds is located in Yorkshire, a beautiful area in England. Trains and buses run regularly to areas and cities nearby. My recommendations for places to visit are: the Lake district, the Peak District (by train to Sheffield), Yorkshire Dales, York (an old medieval town only 20 minutes by train from Leeds) and Edinburgh (only 4 hours by bus from Leeds).

Me and my friends travelled a lot in the weekends because we were determined to do as many things as possible to discover the countryside, and obviously to make the most of our time in the UK! So, for example, we spent a weekend in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, York, did a cycling trip in the Peak District, went hiking in the Lake district and spent a few nights in some cute coastal villages.

My favourite memory of studying abroad in Leeds is making friends from all over the world. I would definitely recommend studying abroad at the University of Leeds!

by Noa Wijnen – Amsterdam Vrije University – Netherlands


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