Katherine’s Study Abroad Experience

Katherine ChamyanI chose to study in Leeds because I had good recommendations from a friend that had already been there and from the Study Abroad office in my home university. Also, I had always wanted to study in England to be able to live the English culture and could not think of a better place than Leeds with its numerous advantages for students. Leeds is the perfect city for international students to feel at home and adapt easily to the changes that it conveys.

What I enjoyed the most was being able to study subjects that are not given at my home university, like “Exploring the performing arts” and “Media philosophy”. I found them very interesting and engaging, especially the latter. Spanish is my first language so having modules in English was a whole new and exciting experience that I would definitely live again. Also, life on campus was amazing and better than I expected. My home university is nothing like the University of Leeds so everything was new and outstanding for me. Campus is like another city, you have everything there and it is impossible to get bored or feel out of place! I particularly loved the numerous libraries and the Union of course.

I took part in many university trips and activities, specially the one arranged by Get Out, Get Active and the Union itself. They were all great! I particularly enjoyed the trip to York with the Union. I loved the city and its history. I truly recommend visiting York, it is totally worth it.

My goal was to visit as much as I could within the UK, so I focused on going at least to one city from every country in the UK. I especially enjoyed Wales. I visited Conwy and Snowdonia with CityLife trips and loved it! The landscapes were breath-taking, I totally recommend it.

Being able to live on my own and be independent was something I was nervous about but Leeds provided me with all the help I needed. Everything in the city and the University was user-friendly and easy to adapt to.

by Katherine Chamyan – Universidad Católica del Uruguay – Uruguay


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