Eleny Compares Leeds with Queensland University of Technology

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What subject/s did you study at Leeds?

I study a Bachelor of Media and Communications at home, but at Leeds I chose some fun and interesting modules such as Career Development, Beginners French and one media module called Understanding the Audience.

What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination?

Even though England was not my first preference, in hindsight, I am so glad that I did get into the University of Leeds over my other choices. I had heard numerous good things about Leeds from past exchange students at QUT. Leeds is a very popular destination for QUT students because of the wonderful student atmosphere, kindhearted Yorkies and the incredible amount of events that happen in the city.

How would you compare the academic style at the University of Leeds with Queensland University of Technology?

Since QUT is the University of Technology, there is definitely a difference between the amount of technology used at QUT compared to Leeds. However, technology is not always so good for studying, as it can causes large distractions. So, at the University of Leeds, I gained a more authentic and personalised learning experience with more use of pen and paper and compulsory lessons, rather than continuously staring at a computer screen and watching lectures online.

How would you compare the campuses?

Australia is very clearly a new country as can be seen by comparing the QUT campus to the Uni of Leeds. With an abundance of traditional buildings being used as classrooms, it was an interesting and exciting experience studying at Leeds. From having French class in the beautiful Parkinson building to living in the historic Devonshire Hall, I felt like I was actually attending Hogwarts.

edfDid you join any societies at Leeds? If so, which?

I aimed to try something new and different in Leeds as I usually don’t have much time for societies at home with work and study commitments, and so, I joined the belly dancing society. I never thought that I would be a belly dancer, but the girls who ran the society were so lovely and caught my attention with their smiles and their cute, English accents. The people that I met in this society are still good friends today, one month after leaving Leeds. So, I am extremely grateful that I joined this society because it kept me busy and active, it brought me lifelong friends and it allowed me to wear some gorgeous belly dancing outfits.

How would you compare the city of Leeds with the local area of Queensland University of Technology?

It was so refreshing being a walking distance from everything within Leeds. I could wake up an hour before class, roll out of bed and be in class on time (but of course, I never did this… haha). It was also super easy to organise a last-minute evening out with friends as we only lived a maximum of a 10-minute walk from each other. This rarely happens in Brisbane as everyone lives at least a 10-minute car ride away and since I don’t own a car, this results in a 30-minute train trip. It was definitely convenient living in Leeds as with less travel time, it meant I could spend more time having fun.

What was your favourite memory of studying at the University of Leeds?

My favourite memory of Leeds is the Devonshire Hall Christmas Ball. By the time November rolled around, I had already made a large number of friends since everyone in Devonshire Hall was so delightful and just wanted to make friends, like me. So, with hundreds of nicely dressed people all in the beautiful Queens Hotel together, it was an incredible night of laughs, smiles and dancing. Aside from this amazing night, I also thoroughly enjoyed every moment of just walking through Leeds and exploring what the city had to offer, as the streets were always busy and full of excitement. There was never a dull moment in Leeds.

edfWould you recommend Leeds to other students at Queensland University of Technology? If so, why?

I would 100% recommend Leeds to QUT students for all the reasons that I have mentioned above! Leeds simply has a wonderful history that is so exciting to explore in the 4 months that I studied there. The accommodation at Leeds is also a wonderful experience as you get to live with real English people in beautiful buildings. Leeds is, furthermore, such a convenient city as you can get anywhere on foot, on bike, or on a very cheap bus for 1 pound each way and it has some hidden gems, such as Kirkstall Abbey. Although, aside from Leeds just being an amazing city, studying at the University of Leeds is definitely an experience to be had by everyone and anyone with the amount of events, parties and just pure excitement that happens on campus. Again, there really is no dull moment in Leeds, nor on the University of Leeds campus.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I do just want to say that I honestly barely felt homesick just purely because of the people that I met in Leeds. There were so many opportunities to make friends, such as Global Cafe and numerous societies available on campus. So, no one should be scared of moving to the other side of the world as all of the support, friendship and pure fun that we need as humans, is available in Leeds.

by Eleny Hooijer – Queensland University of Technology – Australia


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