Saloni Compares Leeds with Drexel University

Saloni Shetty

What subjects did you study at Leeds?

I was under the parent school of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, but I took one module in E&EE, one in Design, one in Communications, and one in Math. (ELEC3030, DESN2415, COMM1700, MATH1710)

What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination?

I’ve always known I wanted to live in the UK, and as an engineering major at Drexel University, my options (at the time) were Leeds or Sheffield, so a friend of mine from Liverpool advised me to choose Leeds. After just a little research, I fell in love with the idea of being there; it was definitely the right choice!

How would you compare the academic style at the University of Leeds with Drexel University?

Academically, I found that the two Universities were actually very similar. I was in four courses from four different schools within Leeds and felt completely comfortable in each of them. I found that the professors were very easy to talk to and classes may have been challenging, but still manageable with an appropriate amount of effort. One major difference I found was the amount of writing that I was required to do for each of my courses. At least one report/paper was assigned in each course that I took.  Writing papers was definitely a skill that I had to brush-up on a bit, because I don’t often have to write them here at Drexel as an engineering student.

How would you compare the campuses?

Despite how condensed both of the campus’ are, the University of Leeds

Saloni Shetty 1

campus is definitely much larger than Drexel’s campus. There are many more buildings that make up the Leeds campus, but I found it interesting that the general look of the buildings were pretty similar! Both campus’ are made up of such a diverse variety of buildings. Some are so intricate and old, and others look super modern and clean. Maybe due to the difference in sizes, I always saw other people around campus during my time at Leeds, whereas I often find times where I don’t see anyone walking around campus at Drexel.

Did you join any societies at Leeds? If so, which?

I didn’t join any societies during my time at Leeds because of how short my stay was, but part of me wishes I had, just to give myself the opportunity to make more friends with actual English Leeds students.

How would you compare the city of Leeds with the local area of Drexel University?

I said this so much while I was there, but Philadelphia is probably the most comparable American city to Leeds. It’s not the largest city in the country but still big enough to have a very dense and diverse population. Both campus’ feel separate from the main cities, and yet there are only very short walks away from the city centres. Both Leeds and Philadelphia are major cities in their countries, surrounded by a number of large universities, therefore, filling the cities with students, culture and a good night-life scene.

What was your favourite memory of studying at the University of Leeds?

There are so many incredible memories from my time studying abroad – it’s so hard to narrow them down! Some of my favorite memories were filming a cringe-y ethics video project with my engineering group, going to a Leeds United match with my flatmates and exchange friends, nights out at Church, movie nights with my flatmates, when my best friend came to visit for a week and of course, all of the traveling.

Saloni Shetty 2

Would you recommend Leeds to other students at Drexel University?

I absolutely would (and have) recommend(ed) going on exchange to Leeds to other Drexel University students. The three months that I spent there were probably the best 3 months of the my life so far, so I cannot recommend Leeds enough. I’d already had an obsession with the country, but I just fell completely in love with every aspect living in England. The culture, the lifestyle, the fashion, the food, everything. I just felt like people have more fun in the UK, and are more encouraged to exhibit their individuality whether it’s through their style or work, etc.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

After my short stay in Leeds, I have actually started considering attending Graduate school (something I hadn’t really considered before). Next year will be my senior year at Drexel, so I’m planning on applying to both, jobs in the UK, but also back to Leeds to pursue a Masters degree. I’m also looking into participating in an “Intensive Course Abroad”, or ICA that Drexel offers that allows students to spend a week in London during the summer learning about the British Television Industry.  I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

by Saloni Shetty – Drexel University – USA


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