Noa Compares Leeds with Vrije University Amsterdam

Noa Wijnen 2What subjects did you study at Leeds?

English for Academic Study, Current Developments in Health Care Ethics and Food & Cancer.

What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination?

The University of Leeds offered many interesting courses.

How would you compare the academic style at the University of Leeds with Vrije University Amsterdam?

In general, the education is comparable with the education at the VU. However, the lectures and seminars were very research focused, and every week we had to read many research articles.

How would you compare the campuses?

The different faculties of the University of Leeds are all located on the same campus, and there are many libraries, coffee corners and nice cosy places to chat with your friends, which makes it enjoyable to spend your days at the university! The VU university of Amsterdam also has a campus, but this one is less ‘cosy’ and enjoyable than the campus of Leeds University.

Did you join any societies at Leeds? If so, which?

I joined the cross country society, the handball society for the first few weeks and the gospel choir.

Noa WijnenHow would you compare the city of Leeds with the local area of Vrije University Amsterdam?

The city of Leeds has a lot of museums to go to. Furthermore, Leeds is located in Yorkshire, a beautiful area in England. Many trains and buses run regularly to areas and cities nearby. My recommendations for places to visit: The Lake district, The Peak District (by train to Sheffield), Yorkshire Dales, York (an old medieval town only 20 minutes by train from Leeds) and Edinburgh (only 4 hours by bus from Leeds).

What was your favourite memory of studying at the University of Leeds?

Too difficult to choose! I have made wonderful new memories with my new friends during all the trips we went to!

Would you recommend Leeds to other students at Vrije University Amsterdam?

I would definitely recommend going a semester abroad to study at the University of Leeds! This experience made me more confident, and now I have friends all over the world!

by Noa Wijnen – Amsterdam Vrije University – Netherlands


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