Zoe Compares Leeds with the University of Adelaide

Zoe Steinhardt

What subjects did you study at Leeds?

Molecular Virology; Introduction to Human Disease; The Molecules of Life; Food and Cancer; Human Motor Development; Food and the Allergic Reaction. 

What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination?

I had wanted to go to a location in the UK for my exchange however had limited options within my degree. Ultimately, Leeds stood out from the others and was my first preference without second thought. 

How would you compare the academic style at the University of Leeds with the University of Adelaide?

In terms of assessment at Leeds, I didn’t like that all of my subjects had exams with very heavy weighting, 3 of them being 100%. This put a lot of pressure on me in terms of performance, as I felt I had to choose between good grades and spending as much time as possible with my friends and experiencing the city. However, the requirement to attend all lectures forced me to be more engaged with what I was studying. I found myself making use of the resources available to me more regularly than I would at my home university.

How would you compare the campuses?

The University of Leeds definitely has more variety in terms of locations to study and libraries. However, lecture theatres were slightly smaller in size and in my opinion less comfortable for note taking compared to Adelaide.

How would you compare the city of Leeds with the local area of the University of Adelaide?

Leeds is more student friendly. Student accommodation also allowed me to learn to be independent and broadened my social circle. Living within walking distance also encouraged me to walk to and from uni on a daily basis. 

What was your favourite memory of studying at the University of Leeds?

The first time my Australian flat mates and I experienced snow whilst we were studying on campus with our British friends. We couldn’t understand our excitement over snow that didn’t even settle.

Would you recommend Leeds to other students at the University of Adelaide?

Most Definitely. The semester did not come without a challenge, however I’ve finished it with a new circle of friends from all over Europe and skills that I would have not acquired from studying in Australia. The staff are passionate about what they are teaching and are consistently engaging. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Ultimately, this experience taught me the importance of balance. On weekends, I wanted to travel and had to plan around university commitments to make that happen. I also made time to spend with people also studying at Leeds as my time with them was limited. Choosing to study 6 subjects was a huge demand, however I made the effort in each of them and am happy with whatever grades I get knowing that.

by Zoe Steinhardt – University of Adelaide – Australia


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