Sarah Compares Leeds with the University of Sydney

Sarah Smith 2

What subjects did you study at Leeds?

LUBS2000, LUBS2060, LUBS2080, LUBS2875, MATH1225

What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination?

The Business School is really high quality, and Leeds is a very affordable city. There is a wide range of university run accommodation,

How would you compare the academic style at the University of Leeds with the University of Sydney?

The assessments are not as rigorous and there is a lot less pressure. At Sydney, the business school in particular likes to scale marks so the marks at Leeds better reflect the effort you put in. Also, Sydney enjoys failing people which Leeds doesn’t seem to enjoy as much!

How would you compare the campuses?

They are very similar- large and leafy! I felt very at home in Leeds.

Did you join any societies at Leeds? If so, which?

I joined Muay Thai.

How would you compare the city of Leeds with the local area of the University of Sydney?

Leeds feels small, you could walk everywhere which was really nice. Sydney is next to Newtown, which also has that small feel. Newtown is very hipster, whereas Leeds has more of a party vibe.

What was your favourite memory of studying at the University of Leeds?

My friends. The dining hall at Devonshire residences was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Would you recommend Leeds to other students at the University of Sydney? If so, why?

YES. It’s the perfect balance of big and small. The classes are well taught, it’s very social and you get to meet heaps of people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Leeds became my second home! I love it so much.

by Sarah Smith – University of Sydney – Australia



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