Michaela’s Top Exchange Experiences

Academic & Campus: My favorite module at the University of Leeds was ‘Women, Culture and Islam’ because of the style of the class and discussion involved throughout the lecture. My professor discussed interesting topics and opened the content up for discussion amongst the class, making it very engaging. I was studying within the school of … More Michaela’s Top Exchange Experiences

Sadhvika’s Leeds International Summer School Experience

Tell us about yourself! I’m Sadhvika Chandrasekar, from Coimbatore, India. I’m a sophomore at the PSG College of technology. I’m doing my Bachelors of Engineering in Biotechnology. But honestly, my real passion is writing. I love baking and am a complete foodie. I also love Zumba, running and climbing. In fact, I climbed for the … More Sadhvika’s Leeds International Summer School Experience