Vince Compares Leeds with the University of Sydney

What subjects did you study at Leeds? Transport Studies & Media and Communications What made you choose the University of Leeds as your study abroad destination? I originally wanted to study in London but considering factors such as cost of living and transport made me rethink my preferences. Looking at the options I had for … More Vince Compares Leeds with the University of Sydney

Lucia’s Memories of Leeds

When and what did you study in Leeds? I am a Uruguayan/Italian student who was an exchange student from Argentina in 2010 and I studied the following modules: LUBS1775 Research Methods for Management, LUBS2150 People in Organisations, LUBS2160 Principles of Marketing, LUBS1000 Innovation and Creativity in Business, LUBS1765 Business and Society (Social Theory) and LUBS1010 … More Lucia’s Memories of Leeds